Hot Strip Rolling Mills

Hot Strip Rolling Mills

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  • Curved concave/convex crop shear blades
  • Straight crop  shear blades
  • Hot crop knives 
  • Pendulum shear blades 
  • Rotary concave/convex drum knives 
  • Vector crop knives 
  • Side trimmers and scrap chopping knives 
  • Knife holders
  • Shims


Thickness < approx. 65mm
Temperature < 1100°C
Cooling Intensive (spray water, water, air..)




Renewal of used cylinders
Renewal of used cylinders
We offer a complete hydraulic and mechanical service of cylinders,...
Rapid cooling of rolls
Rapid cooling of rolls
Optimal mechanical properties are achieved by using a combined heat...

Latest accomplishments

Upgrade of portual crane – Genoa
Production hall - Belluno
Stairways on crane - Marseille
Publishing house - Liverpool
Stairways on crane - New Jersey
Parts of portual crane - Le Havre